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‘Sisecam’ Adheres to Its Global Goals with Giant Investments


A global player in the fields of glass and chemicals with its production activities in 14 countries on four continents and sales in more than 150 countries, Şişecam continues its investments in line with its vision of being one of the top 3 players in its main fields of activity. Sisecam, the only global company operating in all core areas of glass, has decided to establish a two-furnace glass packaging facility in Hungary with an investment of 255 million Euros, including working capital requirements, in order to strengthen its position as a playmaker in the global glass league. At the same time, Şişecam plans to invest in 2 float lines in order to support the growth of the locomotive industries to which it provides inputs in Turkey, and aims to increase its flat glass production capacity in Turkey by 25% to over 2.5 million tons by the end of 2024.

As a global player in business lines covering all basic areas of glass such as flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber, as well as soda and chromium compounds, Sisecam is pushing the button for new investments that will strengthen its playmaker position in the global glass league. Sisecam, which will make a new facility investment in Hungary in order to respond to the developing glass packaging demand in Europe, will increase its flat glass production capacity of 2 million tons with 2 new float line investments and improvement works on existing lines in order to support the growth of the locomotive sectors in Turkey. will increase it to 2.5 million tons by supporting While making these new line investments, Şişecam will improve its existing lines along with cold repairs in line with new technologies and new design trends, increasing both product diversity, efficiency and line capacities.

Şişecam Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. In his statement regarding the said investments, Ahmet Kırman said that Şişecam continues its investments with the aim of becoming one of the three largest manufacturers in the world in its main fields of activity, and produces “flat glass”, “glassware”, “glass packaging”, “glass fiber” and “automotive glass”. He stated that it is one of the leading players in shaping the world glass industry in business lines that cover all basic areas of glass such as “soda” and “chromium compounds”. prof. Dr. Kırman continued his statement as follows: “Today, with our recent soda investment move in the USA, we operate with our 22 thousand employees in 14 countries on four continents, and bring our innovative products to our customers in more than 150 countries. We are the 2nd largest producer of glassware and the 5th largest producer of glass packaging and flat glass in the world. In addition, we are the world’s eighth largest soda producer and the world leader in chromium chemicals.”

“We Are Expanding Our European Footprint in the Glass Packaging Market”

prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman stated that Şişecam continues its activities in the field of glass packaging with a total of 10 production facilities in 4 countries and an annual production capacity of 2.6 million tons, and gave the following information about the glass packaging facility investment to be made in Hungary: The large European market offers important opportunities for the rapid development of the sector and the holistic development of our company’s current production footprint. When we set out to evaluate the opportunities in Europe, we made a new investment decision in Hungary. We aim that the first furnace of our investment in this first glass packaging facility in Europe will start operating in 2023 and that the facility will reach full capacity by 2025. Our production facility, which will have a net production capacity of 330 thousand tons when completed, will respond to the glass packaging demand of both Hungary and Europe in a wide geography. Thus, while expanding our footprint in the glass packaging market in Europe, we will also contribute significantly to the strengthening of our country’s presence in the global glass trade.”

“We Will Reach Our Flat Glass Production Capacity To 2.5 Million Tons”

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman stated that Şişecam will continue to create value for Turkey with new investments in flat glass, where Şişecam is the European leader in terms of production capacity, and said: We continued without. After the Polatlı facility, which we turned into the largest flat glass base in Europe with our eighth furnace, which we commissioned in October 2020, we also fired our sixth furnace, which we completed the cold repair at our Yenişehir flat glass facility. In the last quarter of the year, we will commission the fifth furnace with a capacity of 240 thousand tons, which we continue to repair at our Yenişehir facility. With our investment in Polatlı, the number of furnaces in Turkey has increased to eight, and our flat glass production capacity in Turkey has exceeded 2 million tons.”

In order to meet the increasing market demand of Şişecam, to ensure sustainable exports, and to support the growth of its customers and the sectors it provides input, the Turkish glass sector.

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