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Important Tips for Air Conditioning Receivables!


With the arrival of the summer season and the warming of the weather, those who want to spend a cool summer in their homes or cottages have already started to search for air conditioners. MediaMarkt, which offers many varieties to the taste of consumers in this regard, has compiled the points that should be considered for choosing the ideal air conditioner for you, our esteemed readers.

Most wall type is preferred

The most important point to consider when purchasing an air conditioner is the size of the room. In addition, whether the room faces south or north is among the factors that affect the power of the air conditioner to be purchased. Air conditioners are generally divided into 3 as wall type, living room type and mobile air conditioners. It is critical to choose according to the suitability of the area to be used and the need. For example, wall-mounted air conditioners are the most widely used type of air conditioner in terms of both cooling and heating. However, in some places, mobile air conditioners are preferred because the outdoor unit cannot be used. Living room air conditioners, on the other hand, are mostly used in workplaces, factories, hospitals and places of worship due to their high capacity and electrical connections. Mobile air conditioners, on the other hand, can come to the fore in direct proportion to the need, as they do not have an outdoor unit and can be used as portable.

Pay attention to energy savings

The energy saving class and modes of the air conditioner are other points to consider. It is critical to choose the one that suits your needs among the air conditioners that consume less or more energy according to their energy class. Air conditioners are divided into 4 energy classes as A+++, A++, A+, A, according to the most efficient ones. In addition to its energy class, its inverter feature enables it to operate with a low energy level when the environment reaches the desired temperature level.

The city is also important in square meters

It is necessary to decide on the appropriate capacity, expressed as BTU, compatible with the environment in which the air conditioner will be used. While calculating the BTU, which expresses the amount of energy an air conditioner takes from or gives to the environment in 1 hour, the city where the air conditioner is used, the square meter of the location, the facade and the heat sources in the environment are important details. Choosing high or low BTU according to the room where the air conditioner will be located is one of the points that affect energy consumption. If a BTU is selected above the requirement, the environment will cool and heat more than expected, while a BTU selected below the requirement may make it difficult for the environment to cool or warm up at the desired level.

See widespread service network

Another concern is the warranty period. All air conditioners in MediaMarkt have warranties between 2 and 5 years. Although it is a legal requirement for brands to have a service network, the preference of brands with a widespread service network ensures that the assembly service is carried out much faster in the season.

Assembly and installation service should be included

Installation and assembly after purchase is another important issue. All air conditioners sold within MediaMarkt have free installation and assembly service. However, for this, every company has conditions such as having the electrical installation ready at the place where the assembly will be made and being compatible with the size of the cable and pipe coming out of the product package.

There is an air conditioner for everyone.
Air conditioner prices at MediaMarkt vary according to the model, brand and BTU values, but vary between 3,500 TL and 18,000 TL.

Have it cleaned by a specialist

Air conditioning cleaning is one of the most discussed topics. Although people do the cleaning themselves on the videos published on online channels about air conditioners that need to be maintained at regular intervals, the device malfunctions, is out of warranty, or the chemicals used, etc. It is the best method to have this work done by an authorized service, since it may also risk health due to

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