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What is “EKOenergy Eco Label Climate Fund” and What Does It Do?


EKOenergy Climate Fund is a fund managed by EKOenergy and supports renewable energy projects in low and middle-income countries. This fund alleviates energy poverty for those communities that do not otherwise have the needed resources for their renewable energy projects while reducing the green gas emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change. Projects are based on solar and wind energy and support sustainable energy transformation by developing and increasing the use of these resources. The EKOenergy Climate Fund is financed with resources collected through both individual and corporate consumers and aims to create positive environmental impacts on a global scale by investing in various projects around the world. 0.10 cent (minimum if they want they can contribute more) of the fixed fee of 0.18 cent per megawatt hour of EKOenergy eco label price is transferred to the climate fund.

Recently, significant progress has been made in renewable energy projects supported by EKOenergy’s climate fund. This year, a total of 21 solar projects in 17 different countries have been selected and a total of €956,529 will be donated to these projects. These projects are considered an important step towards the expansion of high-impact renewable energy solutions in low- and middle-income countries. Thus, EKOenergy funded 120 projects in total until now and up to 4 million euros.

The growth of EKOenergy’s Climate Fund increases its capacity to support more renewable energy projects every year. This growth contributes not only to the energy transition, but also to the social and economic development of communities. Supported projects support many of the sustainable development goals (SDGs); For example, it contributes to the achievement of targets such as SDG 1 (No poverty), SDG 2 (No hunger) and SDG 3 (Healthy individuals). These projects not only provide energy, but also stimulate local economic growth and improve the quality of life of communities.

EKOenergy’s Climate Fund’s work includes projects carried out by experienced non-profit organizations and designed to meet the needs of communities. These projects strengthen not only environmental but also social sustainability by encouraging local people’s participation and ownership. In this context, it provides significant benefits not only in improving energy infrastructure, but also in strengthening local economies and increasing the resilience of societies.

Below you can see a few examples of projects funded in recent years:

The project carried out in Myanmar in 2022 is an example supported by EKOenergy’s climate fund. This project was carried out in collaboration with Green Empowerment and aimed to improve electricity access in rural areas by installing solar energy systems and increasing local capacity. Such projects improve the quality of life of communities by not only providing energy but also stimulating local economic growth.

Another important project carried out in Nepal in 2022 was supported by EKOenergy’s climate fund. This project was carried out in collaboration with Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LIBIRD) and aimed at installing solar energy systems in rural areas of Nepal and capacity building of local communities. This project, led by LIBIRD, has progressed in line with the goals of not only increasing energy access, but also protecting wildlife and supporting local economic development. Such projects provide tangible benefits to local communities, strengthening EKOenergy’s sustainability mission.

Last year, EKOenergy donated €33,801 to TERI – Energy and Resources Institute for the project “Solar solutions for cooling horticultural crops”, which increases the income of small and marginal farmers in India. This provided continuous cold keeping without the need for power cuts by installing a 5 kWp solar panel system for a cold storage facility in the state of Karnataka.

As you can see in the examples above, EKOenergy has funded many renewable energy projects in many countries, reaching villages and schools for children without electricity or access to clean water, and continues to reach more places and improve the world. Join this action of EKOenergy, which has been actively working since 2013.For more information, you can review our newsletter here or contact us to get detailed information.

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