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Cigdem Yorgancioglu Diplomatic Interviews – Austria

Kategori : ENERGY AGENDA NEWS - Tarih : 08 May 2023

With the dedicated, coordinated, planned and very successful organization of the Foreign Trade Development Agency of the Association of Austrian Chambers of Commerce, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, the Trade Office of the Consulate General of Austria, Austria Showcase “Cooperation in Construction Industry””, the current information on the general fields of activity of the companies taking part in the event hosted by Hotel Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent on April 26, 2023  Beyond the reflections of my various investigations, observations and researches on it, the subject of my series of articles  (H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu) will be the transfer of my experiences of meeting Austrian companies operating in the construction sector at B2B meetings in Istanbul and even mini-interviews during these experiences.

Our starting point is; of course, it would be to get to know the architect of this work, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, and the “Trade Office of the Consulate General of Austria”.

Establishing business contacts every year as ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Turkey in terms of supporting finding the right suppliers and business partners, solving problems and taking part in the information flow for Austrian companies in Turkey or coming to Turkey by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Turkey’s offices in Istanbul and Ankara, It organizes many events to improve it. At the same time, it is among our other services to provide detailed information about the business environment and market entry in Austria to companies looking for importers, distributors and sales representatives and who want to communicate with Austrian companies.

It is possible to get to know Austria and its economy closely thanks to events such as trade fairs, conferences, presentations, summits, B2B meeting organizations organized by Advantage Austria. In this respect, both parties have the potential to create different options and opportunities. In this way, it becomes possible to establish connections, develop the network, and obtain information about the market, products and services.

Photo: Mr. Mag.Gerhard Lackner-Ms.Cigdem Yorgancıoglu

Diplomatic Interview with Austrian Trade Commissioner Mr. Mag.Gerhard Lackner

In this regard, there comes a time to have a mini interview with Mr. Mag.Gerhard Lackner who started leading the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Turkey team as Austrian Trade Commissioner since August 16, 2022. Taking over as Austrian Undersecretary of Commerce in Istanbul, Gerhard Lackner previously worked in other ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices in Zurich, Caracas, Jakarta and Muscat, where he was responsible for different markets and commercial activities.

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for making our meeting and such a mini interview possible within the scope of this efficacious and productive valuable Event.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu First of all, me, and of course our readers, we are curious about your diplomatic mission and Advantage Austria. There may be some ais that I have left missing in the introductory statement in my article, are there any points you would like to point out to us about yourself and your task in general?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner Thank you, Ms. Yorgancıoğlu, for visiting our event and for doing this interview. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the trade promotion organisation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. With around 100 offices in over 70 countries, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Around 800 employees around the world can assist you in locating Austrian suppliers and business partners. At today´s event in Istanbul, we have invited Austrian and Turkish companies from the construction sector to have business talks about cooperation in this field.

Are there any criteria for your participants in terms of efficient participation in the evaluation of job offers from Austrian companies and current business opportunities? or do you also observe whether their cooperation continues in Turkey or in other geographies afterwards or is this an issue outside your field?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner Our primary goal is to match Austrian companies with possible business partners. Most of our companies stay in touch with us also after the events and inform us about their projects.

In terms of products and solutions presented during this event, I participated in B2B meetings that suggested that there were contributions and backing solutions of the participating companies in terms of ESG, Sustainability and Carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency, public benefit. From your perspective if you value the event in general, would you agree with this idea and my evaluation?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner The EU has launched the socalled Green Deal, which will help reducing carbon emissions in the coming years. As Türkiye is one of our closest trade partners, also Turkish companies are following this path. The rebuilding of the region in SE-Türkiye, which was hit by two earthquakes in February, should also be done sustainable and can be an example for future projects in Türkiye and worldwide.

In this event, I observed that smart solutions and automations are found in innovative technologies, What kind of perspective and work plan does the office((Austrian Consulate Trade Office) adopt in terms of digital transformation?

The Austrian government has developed a digital action plan in order to support econmic growth, jobs and prosperity in Austria in the future.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu: Austria is at the forefront of technologies that help protect the environment and improve sustainability, and this includes waste management, recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy, air pollution and water management. What kind of activities do you carry out in this regard in line with the objectives?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner Our two offices are organizing events for green technology, circular economy and renewable energies. We are working closely together with the related stakeholders in Türkiye for all our events.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu: There is no sea in Austria, but Turkey is surrounded by seas on three sides. Are there any solutions and companies offered by Austria during your different events related to the maritime sector?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner Just recently we organized an event in Antalya for the yachting industry. Austrian companies also have experience in the maritime sector from supplies for boats to producing drinking water from sea and sustainable methods in fisheries.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu: What do you think are the most suitable business areas for doing efficient and sustainable business between Austria and Turkey?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner Austrian and Turkish companies are active in all sectors. Austria is ranking among the leading five nations with foreign direct investment in Türkiye.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu: When Turks collaborate with Austrian businessmen, which way do you think they adopt and be inspired the most? And vica versa ?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner Both Turkish and Austrian businessmen enjoy the flexibility and friendliness of the other side.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu: Previously ,I mentioned that it was an Event  that made me think that it was very efficient and effective with all aspects. Nevertheless, we as humans always want the best of the best. At this point, are there any points where you would like to highlight  “it will be even better” if the companies on both the Turkish side and the Austrian side do the following/or don’t ?

Mag.Gerhard Lackner We got good feedback from both sides, the Austrian and the Turkish one. But of course we always aim to do it better next time and hope to welcome you soon again to one of our next events. Thank you for the interview.

H.Cigdem Yorgancıoğlu: Thank you again for answering the questions sincerely and taking the time.

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