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Cigdem Yorgancioglu Will Again Act As Moderator at ‘Ppp In Turkey 2018’

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As Turkey moves forward in its journey toward energy independence, the 2018 Turkey Energy Forum 2018   1-2 October Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul. Brought the opportunity to meet with the key stakeholders in the sector, from regulators to investors, to pave the  future roadmap. Some of the topics covered  was as follows: Energy  Infrastructure  Analysis  and  Financing , How new  Pipelines  Provide  Turkish  Energy  Security  and  Foreign  Investment.

TurkStream  provides  a  direct  supply  to  Turkey  from   Gazprom  and  provides  new  export  opportunities  for  Westline. TANAP provides a major diversification of Turkish energy supplies from growing Caspian natural gas production.  TAP  provides  the  backbone  of  the  Southern  Corridor  making  Turkey  a  key  country  for  European  natural  gas  security.  SOCAR,  the  majority  investor  in  TANAP  and  TAP  is  the  largest  foreign  investor  in  Turkey.

Our ENERJİ GAZETESİ columnist Cigdem Yorgancioglu successfully carried out the moderator role of the panel

After the fruitful achievement of that panel mentioned above She is invited for another panel again as an energy contracts expert and researcher moderator under the scope of 7th year, the EEL Events’ PPP in Turkey Forum focuses on some of the top priority infrastructure areas identified by the Turkish Government, including Healthcare, Transport and Municipal Waste & Water Management.

Namely, PPP in Turkey 2018 7th. Public-private partnership Forum -Türkiye Kamu-Özel Sektör İş Birlikleri Forumu 28-29 November 2018 Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center, Turkey.

The new addition will be exploring the aviation industry, the increasing challenges of its expansion projects and global airport investments, including Istanbul’s new airport – the largest project in Turkish history. The event will also introduce perspective and challenges for the PPP Solar Energy Sector. In between PPP over here refers to Public-private partnership which is a subsidy model for a public infrastructure project such as a new telecommunications system, airport , turnkey construction  or power plant. The public partner is represented by the government at a local, state and/or national level. The private partner can be a privately-owned business, public corporation or consortium of businesses with a specific area of expertise.  2018 forum aims to provide a comprehensive update for investors and industry professionals on key sectors opportunities where PPP structures have been or can be successfully employed, from establishing best practices surrounding legal framework and financing solutions, through to discovering new strategies and technologies, as well as building and maintaining profitable expansion projects within private public sector.

The Program highlights will be as follows

Discussing the coordination of government objectives policy and PPP models that focus on modernizing infrastructure or expanding capacity in Turkey – Understanding legal and regulatory issues: the relations between contractors and subcontractors, and reducing the risk of corporate failure – PPP in Turkey – Current Trends and Future Prospects – PPP Healthcare – Perspective and challenges – PPP in Aviation – Regional airport projects across the country, their developments, challenges and future opportunities – International and domestic best practices in the Transport sector – PPP models for Waste and Wastewater Management projects

PPP in Turkey 2018  7th. Public-private partnership Forum -Türkiye Kamu-Özel Sektör İş Birlikleri Forumu 28-29 November 2018 Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center, Turkey

Sector Focus: ENVIRONMENT Waste, Waste Water & Solid Waste 16.00 Panel Discussion: Making the projects bankable • What is the current pipeline of municipal waste/water and EtW PPP projects? • What guarantee mechanisms must be established to ensure adequate finance from the investor? • How PPP model can be implemented in municipal environmental projects? Is there an ideal structure for it? • What role can the private sector play in providing these services? Are PPPs a viable option? • Legal and regulatory issues for PPP projects • Finding the best infrastructure opportunities Speakers include: Ender Aykut YILMAZ, PhD Deputy Director General, ILBANK Idil Gursel, Associate Director, Municipal & Env. Infrastructure, EBRD Ahmet Duren, Board Member, Kocak Cevre Yalcin Eliguzeloglu, Ph.D. Business Development Director, GAMA HOLDİNG

Moderator :  H. Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu – Enerji Sözleşemleri Uzman Adli Bilir Kişi / Enerji Gazetesi Yazarı

Forensic Sciences Energy Contracts Expert – Columnist, Editor Enerji Gazetesi  İst-

EBRD Strategy for Turkey Participant /Annex Number 12 : Judical Expert Energy H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu

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